Iranian Society of General Practitioners

System for registration, issuance of membership card and membership renewal.

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To become a member of the ISGP, four essential steps must be completed: (1) initial registration and activation of a user account, (2) completion of information, (3) payment of membership fees, and (4) verification of information on the membership card.

Please note that only after paying the annual membership fees and receiving a membership number will you be recognized as an official member of the society.



The comprehensive registration and membership system of the ISGP has been designed and launched with the aim of organizing and facilitating the membership of general practitioner colleagues throughout the country.

With the implementation of this system, all dear colleagues can electronically become members of the society in the shortest possible time and receive their membership card.



You can address your questions and issues during office hours by calling the phone number +982188010499 or the mobile number +989107599242.

Moreover, the Telegram channel @ISGPcongress is available during these hours to receive your feedback and respond to your issues.